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Cloud Computing for Small to Medium Businesses

Cloud computing has transformed the business landscape in the last 10 years, making operations easier, faster and more flexible. SMBs complained en masse about how complex and expensive it was to build IT infrastructure for new and growing businesses. Tech entrepreneurs and software companies responded by creating intuitive, easy-to-use and affordable apps and tools that Continued »

How Small Businesses Build Email Lists

Email marketing has one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing tactic. It’s also top-rated for retaining customers, and nurturing people from leads into customers. In other words, it works for every phase of the customer lifecycle: Prospecting, Lead Nurturing, and Retention. (1) Make Use of Every Interaction   If you are brick Continued »

Video Marketing Tips for SMEs

It’s Saturday night and you are ravenous. After researching restaurants online for half an hour you narrow it down to two options. Both offer tantalising meals and cocktails and you think the only way to separate the two is by flipping a coin. You then notice one of the restaurants has a video that offers Continued »

Types of Insurance for Small Business Owners

Small businesses cannot afford to pay out massive compensation claims. The result in most cases will be bankruptcy and closing the business down, when all that pain could be avoided by ensuring the company and its directors are adequately insured. Australians are not as litigious as our friends over in the U.S.A, but that doesn’t Continued »

Money Management Tips for SMEs

There are five key finance tips small businesses must follow to keep their head above water and flourish. Make sure you’re getting paid Track Every Dollar Get a Better Deal Know your stuff come tax time Be Prepared for External Disruptions 1. Cash Flow Poor cash flow is the single biggest killer of Australian small Continued »

Why You Should Enter Small Business Awards

If a business owner has framed an award and hung it in pride of place behind the reception desk or counter of their small business, what does it say to you about the people running the business? Would you be more inclined to trust the business and part with your money for their goods or Continued »

Demand for Healthcare Workers Soars 30% in 6 Months

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market. Here are our findings for July , 2017… Adzuna Job Vacancy Index AUS Vacancies Monthly 12M Change Vacancy Index (July17) 123,339 -0.48% 11.79% Continued »

How to Deal With Negative Reviews of Your Business Online

Negative online reviews of your small business can cause severe damage to reputation and revenue. For the most part, businesses encourage online reviews and use the mainly positive feedback to attract new customers. The growth of review sites Yelp and Tripadvisor is testament to the power of online reviews. A high percentage of small businesses Continued »

How to Properly Dismiss an Employee as a Business Owner

I’ll bet you didn’t know this, I sure didn’t.   Small businesses have different rules for dismissal. The rules are set out in the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code (the Code).   As a small business owner, if you dismiss an employee, follow the Code, and can provide evidence of this, The Fair Work Commission Continued »

Why You Need Professional Legal Advice for Your Small Business

Professional, university educated, experienced lawyers understand the law better than you or your business partner or best friend, regardless of how many episodes of Suits they binge-watched over the past year. Your moral compass and ability to reason logically does not matter. Lawyers know the law. As a small business owner you might think you’re Continued »