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How to keep staff motivated in your business

SMEs often can’t compete with the wages and benefits offered in massive corporations. Don’t let that put you off improving your workplace. Money isn’t everything when it comes to breeding a positive, high-performance culture. Big companies can seem faceless and cold, with workers feeling like cogs in a giant machine. This is where you’ve got Continued »

How to save money in your small business

We could all do with a little extra cash, but sometimes it’s a real struggle to keep your SME going. The cost of living in Australia is accelerating steadily, while wages lag behind. This puts pressure on business owners to save at every opportunity. The good news is, you’ve probably fallen into a pattern of Continued »

Apply for jobs you are not qualified for

You’re trawling through online job sites and you come across an amazing job. It’s ideal, and you want it – badly. Oh wait, hold on, they want someone with 5 years experience, and you have two. They prefer someone with a specific degree that you definitely don’t have. Hmm. Do you apply? Or it is Continued »

How to overcome nerves before an interview

Someone is going to judge your appearance, what you say and how you say it, your mannerisms and anything else they can work out about you. Their opinion is going to determine whether or not you land this job. Whether it’s your dream career or something on the side, getting a new job is going Continued »

What to do when your job search feels hopeless

One of the biggest challenges faced by jobseekers is that looking for a job can start to feel hopeless. If the weeks have been stretching by with plenty of applications going in and no results, it can definitely start playing on your mind. The fact you’re probably not earning an income really doesn’t help. That’s Continued »

Which is better? University or Tafe?

Studying is studying, right? Wrong. These two institutions continue to spark debate over which is better – a pricier degree or a practical accreditation. Uni is by far the more popular option, with over 1 million students enrolled each year, compared to approx 500,000 at TAFE. But should you dedicate years of your life and Continued »

Hiring for Christmas Casuals is Flat, but Amazon is Looming

To make finding a job easier, Adzuna brings all the jobs in Australia to the one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market. Here are our findings for October, 2017… Adzuna Job Vacancy Index    AUS Vacancies Monthly 12M       Change Vacancy Index 137,454 Continued »

Keep Your Business Running While You Take a Break

The prospect of leaving your SME while you take a holiday can be daunting. Will things fall down without you there? What if someone forgets to check the company email and something important is missed? Or they accidentally annoy your best client? Thinking about leaving your fledgling business in someone else’s hands can be downright Continued »