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Should I quit my job during a pandemic?

Are you demotivated and tired of the endless grind? The reason why you are searching if you should quit your job shows that you really need to seriously consider quitting your job. Of course, it’s more complicated than that. Let’s take some time to consider the questions you need to ask yourself before you quit your Continued »

Australasian Talent Conference 2020 DIGITAL

Due to the unprecedented events this year, the Australasian Talent Conference 2020 (ATC) will be held digitally. This provides a huge opportunity for teams across the country to join in and learn without having the need to travel while still be in touch in the world of talent. We are now just days before the Continued »

What to do when you are out of a job

So you are out of a job and not sure what to do? Remember that you are not alone. On average people are stood down or made redundant 3x throughout their career. Here are some top tips for your job search Focus and set aside time for your job search Make sure that you are Continued »

Working remotely in 2020: Should you make a switch?

Working remotely was used to be seen as a work perk, however in today’s landscape especially during the COVID-19 outbreak where it has become a necessity. Working remotely is different from a “work from home” job, as “working remotely” is a way of work while “working from home” is just temporary. There are many traditional Continued »

Gap year programs available in Australia

Should you take a gap year? Not sure what to do after high school? Thinking of a career change? Does the thought of going straight back into uni or trade not appeal to you? Then a gap year might be the perfect answer. 81% of participants in the United States Gap Year Association’s survey for Continued »

Everything You Need to Know About Making a Career Change at 40

Do you want summer to last forever? Your 40s are a pivotal time of growth and exploration, and this includes your professional life. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut career-wise, it’s never too late to explore other options. When you are in need of some inspiration, take a look at this list of illustrious individuals whose success Continued »