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Australian Politicians Salary – What do they Really Earn?

Our Politician Pay Calculator has been used by more than 250,000 Australians keen to compare their salary to what their local member of parliament earns per year. Through our research we learned that members of parliament can earn an additional income for taking on extra... Read more

November Job Report: Graduates Outstrip Vacancies by 3,616%

  Independent research from Adzuna and a study by the National Institute of Labour Studies reveals a dire outlook for university graduates in 2016, with the number of full-time work opportunities dropping sharply. In 2008, the report from the National Institute of Labour Studies... Read more

Part-time Jobs Crisis Hits Capital Cities: September 2016 Jobs Report

  Total AUS job vacancies rise 11% in six months, standing at 125,275 Average AUS advertised salary increases to $88,468 in September, up 1.16% from $87,450 in April and now at a high for 2016. Brisbane tops list of capital cities suffering most from underemployment Job vacancies for... Read more

RBA Rate Cut: Winners and Losers by State and Territory

The RBA rate cut to 1.5% should equate to more money in the back pocket of Australian mortgage holders, yet an increasing number of borrowers are facing financial stress because of the weak labour market. Adzuna CEO Raife Watson said, “The rate cut should be great news if you have a... Read more

1 in 6 Jobs Australia-Wide at Risk of Automation by 2030

In the 18th and 19th centuries the world was hit by the Industrial Revolution. The development of new innovative machinery transformed the world, taking manufacturing out of homes and putting the jobs into factories where mass output could be achieved. Efficiencies increased, output was... Read more

Compare your Pay to your MP

What is the Politician Pay Calculator? The base pay of Australian federal politicians is $199,040. However if they have an extra position in parliament they get paid more depending on what it is. For example, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition earns an extra 57.5% of their annual... Read more

November Job Report: Christmas Casuals

  More than 2,500 part-time Christmas roles currently available  Sydney and Melbourne make up almost half of Christmas Vacancies Retail tops the list of most in demand Christmas jobs The latest research from job search engine has revealed more than 2,500 Christmas... Read more

Engineering Job Report

There are more than 10,000 engineer positions advertised in Australia. Our engineering job report shows where those positions are, the expected salaries and the upcoming projects.  ... Read more

Average Salaries Drop and SA Ranked as The Worst Place to Find a Job

We are already 3 months into 2016 and as we tie loose ends at the end of the first quarter we've also done some research into the job market to provide a summary of the year so far. There is an array of both good and bad news but the main points to note are: Average salaries YOY rise... Read more

Aged care job vacancies exceed job candidates by 4x

It's no surprise that Australia's ageing population is starting to negatively impact the workforce, particularly the aged care industry and healthcare in general. Our recent research found that aged care job vacancies exceeded job candidates by four times, with an average of 8,403 job... Read more