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So you want to work in Education?

A teacher works with students in a variety of different organisations and environments to help them learn and apply skills and concepts. The demand for qualified educators is rising and is not likely to change in the near future. Whether you’re interested in working with preschool children, high school students, as a lecturer or a special ed teacher, a career in education is likely to be challenging and sure to be extremely rewarding.

Working in education gives you the chance to positively and permanently impact other people’s lives. As well as developing someone’s subject knowledge you can also help develop their mind, social skills and personality.

It is important to remember that teaching can also be stressful, tiring and demanding. It is a great responsibility and even little slip ups can be quite visible. People’s personalities and motivation vary a lot and teachers often need to actively find multiple ways to connect with different students. Teaching is also not always recognised and financially rewarded for the difficult task that it is.

Employment in the industry is expected to grow and there is predicted to be a greater demand for maths, bi-lingual, IT and science teachers.

Teachers can expect to work longer hours than are spent in the classroom on preparing lessons and marking. While they often need to work overtime during the week and sometimes on weekends they typically enjoy longer holidays in line with the school year. Roles in education can be found in schools, universities, libraries and even museums.

Types of jobs in the Education industry include:

  • Early childhood teacher
  • Primary school teacher
  • High school teacher
  • Special needs teacher
  • Department Head
  • School Principal
  • University lecturer
  • Trainer

Personal Skills

  • Enjoy communicating your understanding of things to others
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • The ability to remain calm and confident in stressful situations
  • The ability to motivate and empathise with your students
  • The ability to deliver feedback effectively and in an encouraging manner

Interview and Job Hunting tips

  • Conduct a lot of research on the organisation including their values and any programs they run.
  • Take a portfolio showing units of work that you have designed and implemented.
  • Be prepared to talk about why you wanted to become a teacher and your passion for teaching.
  • Think of ways that you can positively impact the organisation and try to work these into the conversation
  • Ask lots of questions about the culture and philosophy of the organisation and about what they expect from their teachers.
  • Be prepared with practical examples of how you handle everyday teacher/student scenarios.