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So you want to work in Oil and Gas?

The oil and gas industry supplies more than 60% of Australia’s energy. Oil and natural gas heat our homes, fuel our cars and cook our food. They also help to generate the electricity that powers our day to day lives. Australia is a member of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) group which develop and promote policies to improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world. We are one of only three net hydrocarbon exporting countries in the OECD and we are the largest net exporter of coal. We also export natural gas and import oil.

As a country, we supply energy resources both domestically and internationally as we have large resources in uranium, coal and natural gas.

The oil and gas industry is a major contributor to the Australian economy. We also have strong potential for growth in expanding productions and increasing our exports.

Australia supports environmental conservation projects, community development and corporate responsibility programs and we have regulated and ethical trade agreements concerning the exportation and use of uranium. We only supply it to countries who have signed bilateral agreements with us and who comply with strict regulations that it only be used for generating electricity and not for warfare or weapon creation. There are many different job opportunities in the oil and gas industry though it is quite a competitive sector. Working away from home or travel between specific plants, pipelines or locations around Australia is often required.

Types of jobs in the Oil and Gas industry include:

  • Geoscience Professionals
  • Land Agents
  • Pipeline Design Engineer
  • Safety Managers
  • Pipeline Control Centre Operator
  • Petrochemical Engineer

Personal Skills

Five key skills that will help you score a job in the Oil and Gas industry:

  • A commitment to safety and the environment
  • Integrity and ethical behaviour
  • Co-operation and Teamwork
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Good manual dexterity

Interview and Job Hunting tips

  • Your first step should be finding out more information about the basic operations and sectors in the oil and gas industry. You want to be able to demonstrate a deep knowledge on the mechanisms of the industry.
  • Research the major companies and read their press releases, news and blogs. This way you should be able to discuss current issues and challenges facing the industry.
  • At the interview, focus on demonstrating that you can be asset by being an ambitious and productive team player.
  • Employers generally prefer ‘people persons’, so try and get across your good communication and interpersonal skills in the interview. Be positive and energetic and remember to ask lots of intelligent questions about the company and the role so that you can have more of a discussion rather than just answering questions.