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So you want to work in Recruitment?

Recruitment consultants attract candidates and match them to temporary, casual, part time or permanent positions with client companies. They work with their clients, building relationships so that they can gain a better understanding of their particular recruitment needs and requirements.
Some typical duties include attracting candidates by writing job advertising copy for a range of media, as well as through headhunting, networking and through referrals. They interview candidates,, do background checks and match them to the appropriate clients. Consultants may also provide advice to both candidates and clients on training requirements, salary levels and career opportunities. Most of the work is office based but some time is also spent outside of the office, interviewing candidates and meeting with clients. For consultants who have expert knowledge of a specialist sector, self-employment or freelance work is possible. Progression within recruitment is usually from consultant to account manager or senior consultant. If an employee had additional financial and people management skills they may be able to progress to team leader or branch manager.
Recruitment consulting can also be used as a platform to move into other areas like training, human resources and other sales and management roles once you have developed enough experience and contacts.

Types of jobs in the Recruitment industry include:

  • Recruitment consultant
  • Account manager
  • Senior consultant
  • Team leader
  • Branch manager

Personal Skills

Five key skills that will help you score a job in the Recruitment industry:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong negotiation and selling skills
  • A goal-orientated approach to work
  • The ability to meet deadlines and targets
  • Confidence and self-motivation

Interview and Job Hunting tips

  • Photocopy your resume, references and cover letter as you would for an interview as a corporate recruiter or any other position. Make several copies in case it’s a large recruitment agency and you have the opportunity to meet others who may be interested in learning about your qualifications and background.
  • Draft an elevator speech about your recruiting expertise. Make it a 60 second, well-rounded introduction covering your experience, work philosophies and core competencies. Mention how much you know about the overall talent acquisition process.
  • If you are interviewing for your first job as a recruiter, create an introduction about the transferable skills you have already developed that will serve you well in a recruiter role. These include verbal and written communication skills, consultative sales knowledge and negotiation techniques.