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What Questions to Ask During an Interview

Are you going for an interview? or have applied to a number of jobs? Unsure of what questions to ask at the end of the interview? Listen in to our latest podcast with question examples that you can incorporate to prepare for the interview. Get Hired is an adzuna podcast, a place where we will Continued »

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

When is Teacher Appreciation Week? Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 is celebrated in the first full week of the month of May. It will take place on May 3-8, 2021. We can all agree that teachers have one of the most important roles that will impact a children’s growth but can sometimes be under appreciated. Let’s Continued »

Should I quit my job during a pandemic?

Are you demotivated and tired of the endless grind? The reason why you are searching if you should quit your job shows that you really need to seriously consider quitting your job. Of course, it’s more complicated than that. Let’s take some time to consider the questions you need to ask yourself before you quit your Continued »