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The latest employment trends of 2019

We’re heading into the second quarter of 2019; fast. Trends in employment are emerging and there’s plenty of opportunities for employers and employees to diversify, improve, and find better work-life balance. We’ve compiled the five latest employment trends to shed light on where the workforce is heading toward. Top Five Growing Industries According to the Continued »

10 Ways To Find a Job In A New City

Moving to a new city is exciting. There are new eateries to check out. New options for nightlife. A range of different fitness activities and places to kick back and relax. Obviously, having a job is going to help with funding your new lifestyle and finding a job in a new city can be challenging. Continued »

Jobs hiring near me

It’s the second of month of the year and a great time to be searching for jobs who are hiring near you. Companies who are advertising right now understand the importance of hiring talent into jobs early, securing job seekers who are looking to take the opportunity of a new year to get a new Continued »

Jobs hiring in January 2019

There are many companies who are hiring and advertising many jobs in January and for most job seekers in Australia the new year brings new possibilities for a fresh start, so what do you have planned for your career this year? Just like this video, we should all take the first steps in improving oneself Continued »

1 in 3 jobs are in risk of automation by 2030

1 in 3 jobs are at risk of automation in Australia by 2030. As with the improvements in technology, more and more manually repetitive tasks are being replaced by robots and automation. Jobs at Risk Butcher Labourer Machine Operator Driver Cashier These examples are more prevalent when companies like Tesla, Uber and even Dominos are Continued »

How To Prepare For Your Interview

No matter how many interviews you’ve attended in the past, there is no such thing as too much preparation for each and every interview you score. You’ve taken the time and effort to create and submit your application, and it has clearly been noticed enough to warrant an interview request, so don’t sell yourself short Continued »

Passive Job Searching

Passive job searching is anything but passively minded. To passively job search is to maintain a state of openness and readiness should bigger employment opportunities present themselves, or if you unexpectedly find yourself out of work. This is not to say one is unhappy in their current position or looking to change it for any Continued »