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Accounting, financial and investment management and services – it's all about numbers and sound finances. Being employed in the accounting and finance industry means that you are a highly organised and responsible person – working with other people's money and planning for future financial security necessitates nothing else than the highest level of responsibility! But your satisfaction in this number orientated field is found in getting numbers to line up as they should, and seeing your clientele's financial wealth increasing. As accounting or financial professional, your job will consist of three major components: working with finances (personal or company finances), advising and liaising with clientele and following national financial regulations and guidelines.

Responsibilities & Skills

Working in the accounting and financial industry requires well developed analytical and assessment skills as well as a large dollop of talent for working accurately with numbers. Depending on the exact job description, you may be responsible for financial auditing and management, tax control, wage administration, personal, asset or credit management, investment portfolios or investment planning. Regardless of your position in the accounting or financial industry, your job will require excellent communication skills. Whether communicating with clientele, directors, trustees, financial managers or controllers, written and verbal communication is part of the daily job and essential for good employment standing.

Required Qualifications

  • Tertiary / university qualification in Finance, Economics, Commerce or Accounting
  • Professional registration with Accounting / Financial Regulating Body

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26.00 - 27.00 (Annual Salary) - Melbourne
Purchasing Assistant / Expediter
27.00 - 30.00 (Annual Salary) - Melbourne
Customer Service and Sales
AU$55000 - AU$60000 per annum - Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Inner Suburbs Melbourne
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New South Wales, Sydney CBD
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70000.00 - 80000.00 (Annual Salary) - Sydney