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A business analyst is employed to examine the business needs of a company, in the hopes of developing resolutions to business and technology-related issues. The perfect role for an analytically-minded person, a business analyst will also be asked to convey business, sector and industry news, write reports on related and competitor companies, and give recommendations on your business' investment and financial potential.

A business analyst must trust their instincts and abilities, and not be too reactive to industry changes. You'll need the ability to read large amounts of data and sift through important information for long periods of time. Business analysts study their industry carefully, and assess trends in their industry's practices, products, and competition, whilst also keeping up to date with policies that affect their industry. A business analyst is privy to a company's records, can ask for management insight and uses all of this information to develop strategies and forecasts.

Responsibilities & Skills

A business analyst is responsible for presenting their findings to a project team, prior to a system design, building phase or programming stage during a development process. They are required to work closely with internal and external clients to identify business needs and the cost this would be for the company. They are also responsible for negotiating options with the project team, as well as development documentation of their findings.
Skills include:
- Project management skills
- High analytical skills
- Excellent communication skills

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Business

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