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The department manager oversees an entire unit or department. Ensuring that the department is ran efficiently with a small group of employees does not always seem like a big job, but it can actually be difficult getting optimal amounts of work from each employee.

A Department Manager helps with ensuring high levels of productivity. The job stressors of this role can depend on the size of the department division.

A department manager is required to have several different types of skills. He must be efficient in time management and able to keep all the workers in an upbeat mood. Keeping the morale up can help with getting everyone to work together as a team and achieve the planned goals for the day.

Responsibilities & Skills

The department manager has a myriad of responsibilities. Running a team can become a challenge at times, but with the proper training and resources the department manager will be able to efficiently do so.

A department manager will get involved in hiring and recruiting new employee. At other times, they may even have to fire employees for not following the company's rules and regulations. Below is a list of responsibilities that must be followed by a department manager.

- Plan and maintain an efficient work system
- Follow company policies and procedures
- Oversee a group of workers
- Maintain safety and health regulations
- Prepare unit management reports

Required Qualifications

  • Diploma in Management
  • Bachelor's Degree in Management (not required, but beneficial)

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