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Bendigo is the second largest inland city in Australia. With a population of 89,995 people, Bendigo is well known for its gold mining history and architecture. Bendigo is also the largest regional financial centre in the state. Named after a famous boxer during the Victorian gold rush era in the 1800's, William "Bendigo" Thompson, the city sits about 132 kilometres from Melbourne.

Bendigo's economy relies on commerce, education, agriculture and tourism, particularly heritage and cultural tourism. The top 3 occupations in Bendigo are Professionals (28.2%), Technicians and Tradespeople (12.3%) and Clerical roles (12%). Bendigo is best known for its role during the Victorian gold rush days, as well as its historical buildings, art galleries and natural environment.

Bendigo experiences a high temperature of 20.7 °C and a low temperature of 7.5°C. Bendigo is home to one of Australia's largest and oldest regional art galleries, the Bendigo Art Gallery.

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Property Officer
$63,629 - $77,259 - Bendigo
Environmental Planning Officer
$63,629 - $77,259 - Bendigo
Physiotherapist (Grade 2)
60,000 - 70,000 AnnualPackage - Bendigo, VIC
Paediatric Registrar
100,000 - 120,000 AnnualPackage - Bendigo, VIC