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Bondi is in Sydney's eastern suburbs and is home to Australia's most famous beach, Bondi beach. The name Bondi has been said to be loosely derived from the Aboriginal word "Boondi" which means water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks. Bondi is situated 7km east of Sydney's CBD and is 1km long. This may sound like a long stretch of beach, but on a hot summer day it is barely enough to accommodate the thousands of both local and international beach goers.

Generally reserved for surfers, Bondi is a hugely popular place to swim. It can be hazardous for weaker swimmers and has a powerful rip tide locally known as the "backpacker express". It is also the location and premise for a popular Australian TV show called "Bondi Rescue", capturing the real-life situations that beach goers get themselves into and the team of surf life savers that ultimately get them out of.

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