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Enter into the world of imagination, visuals and colour. An illustrator's job is to make words come alive through pictures and detailed drawings and visuals – but be warned your imagination will go wild as you read through texts in preparation for illustrations! Working closely with writers and book or other publishers, the illustrator will be tasked to design and draw illustrations for books, pamphlets or other text material such as advertisements and posters. Illustrators are commonly contracted for children's literature; the purpose of such illustrations is to captivate the young reader's mind, encouraging reading amongst children and helping with skills development. Illustrators are often freelance workers, working simultaneously for many publishers; however working on a permanent basis for publishing houses are also possible. The modern day illustrator has a vast set of technical tools available, and digital illustration skills are highly rated.

Responsibilities & Skills

Whether employed by editorial, publishing, advertising or merchandise sector company, the key responsibilities of an illustrator remain similar: maintain regular contact with authors, publishers or other clients to discuss illustration requirements, propose illustration ideas to clients, establish a timeframe for the job and submit regular roughs and progress feedback to clients. Unfortunately, is not all about the fun of illustrating, and the illustrator has to keep an eye on the deadline clock, and constantly promote him or herself through client consultations and promotions.

- Passion for and excellent visual, design and art skills
- Attention to detail
- Ability to keep deadlines

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts / Visual Arts / Visual Communication or Graphic Design
  • Digital Art Software Training and competency
  • Advanced Diploma in Design & Illustration Skills

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