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Whenever a customer has a grievance or a dispute with a company, it is the client services manager that will step in and handle the situation to achieve satisfaction among both parties. As they have the responsibility of communicating with customers, it is important for them to have good customer service skills and dedication to ensure that customers are satisfied.

Serving as the primary point of contact when a customer has an issue or dispute, client service managers must be able to quickly find effective solutions that can assist their matters.

A lot of the time, a customer may be upset because of an issue with a product that they may have purchased; thus, it is important for the manager to have thorough knowledge of all company products so that they can provide accurate recommendations. Another reason as to why client services managers should have product knowledge is because they may be expected to help with marketing the products.

Responsibilities & Skills

Every major corporation that exists in the world has their own employee handbook that outlines skills that Client Services Managers have, but here is a short list of some of the responsibilities and skills that someone applying for a Client Services Manager job will likely be expected to do:

- Be able to talk with anyone about technical aspects of company products and services
- Have both knowledge and experience in computers
- Have excellent communication skills for both customers and employees

Required Qualifications

  • High school diploma or high school equivalent diploma
  • Customer Service Certificate or a Bachelor's Degree in Customer Care Management
  • Other degree equivalents include Finance, Accounting, or Management

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