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A service director oversees the operations of a company or one aspect of a company. There are several branches to this job, corporate and customer service directors being two of them.

Corporate service directors ensures that the day to day activities of a company are running smoothly. The director's main goals is to provide both leadership and direction.

A customer service director only oversees the customer service aspect of the company and only leads one team, whereas the corporate service director oversees several aspects of the company.

Ultimately, these service directors are seen as spokespersons for the company or for their specific branch of the company; that is, if they are not a corporate service director.

Responsibilities & Skills

Moreover, service directors are responsible for creating and following a budget, communicating with employees, partners and clients and creating incentive programs within the company.

To increase performance, many service directors are given the task to motivate employees to be more efficient. This goes hand in hand with another responsibility, creating office policy.

- Effective communication and leadership skills
- Strong grasp on financial issues and monetary policy

Required Qualifications

  • Most companies prefer that applicant have a master's degree in a business or human resources field

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