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Cleaners are employed to clean construction sites, schools, commercial, industrial and domestic properties, as well as industrial machinery and vehicles using transferable cleaning equipment. Types of cleaners include Carpet Cleaners, Domestic Cleaners, Hospitality/Hostel Cleaners, Industrial Cleaners and many more. They often work in shifts, and can work full-time, part-time or casual hours. Their irregular working hours means they may begin work very early in the morning, or at night when daytime staff have gone home. Many work for contract cleaning companies, large factories or businesses.

Cleaners not only keep a location spick and span, they may also be responsible for the security of the premises, as they are often the only people in the area when they are cleaning. They must ensure that the lights and electrical appliances are turned off, that the premises are locked and secure and that any security breaches are communicated to the building managers or owners.

Responsibilities & Skills

Cleaners are responsible for operating cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners and other electrical equipment to clean floors, work areas and machinery. They are also required to perform duties such as dusting and polishing furniture, cleaning floors by sweeping, mopping or polishing, cleaning and sterilising laundries, kitchens, toilets and bathrooms. They are also responsible for cleaning outdoor areas such as pathways and entrances to properties.

Skills include:
- Ability to carry out practical work
- Ability to work methodically and effectively
- Possess physical strength and stamina
- Work with honesty and reliability

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