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Dubbo is located in the Australian state of New South Wales, and is the largest population centre in the Orana region, with a population of 32,327. Dubbo is known as the "cross-roads of New South Wales", because of the highways leading to Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide that pass through Dubbo.

Some of the state's leading regional cities have united to form to encourage people to live, work and invest in an Evocity (centres of Energy, Vision and Opportunity), with Dubbo being one of the elected. The Evocity campaign highlights the benefits of living in a regional city, in terms of quality of life and affordability.
One of Dubbo's most famous tourist spot is the Western Plains Zoo, home to endangered animals, who live in spacious open-range moat enclosures, and then grouped according to their continent of origin.

Australian international cricketer, Glenn McGrath, was born in Dubbo.

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