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Working in the healthcare and nursing industry offers many roles, and if you have a passion to help others while fulfilling healthcare duties, then you will be well-suited to work in the healthcare and nursing industry. Healthcare workers can be working alongside doctors, nurses, and dentists. Healthcare workers and nurses assist with diagnosis and referring patients for medical treatment.

Healthcare workers can also be involved with counseling, dental care, health research or healthcare management. Nurses are usually employed by public or private hospitals and are responsible for caring for patients either during illness or as part of illness recovery. Healthcare and nursing careers require tertiary training as well as continued professional development.

Responsibilities & Skills

The specific responsibilities of healthcare practitioners depend on what field of healthcare you are working in radiography, dental care, rehabilitation therapy, etc. Essentially, all healthcare practitioners and nurses are responsible for caring for patients, although the patients' conditions and illness varies according to medical field. Treatment, care, therapy or other recovery aspect will be undertaken according to the specific medical condition. Healthcare workers and nurses always work as part of a team of medical staff and therefore need to be good team workers. As healthcare practitioner or nurse, you need to be able to work with illness and medical issues, display a caring and patient nature, and have the physical ability to work with people.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing (for Division 1 and 2 nurses)
  • Certificate in Health Care Practices / Health Assistance / Aged Care / Therapy

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