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29 Fitness Instructor jobs in Australia

A fitness instructor's job is all about fitness and health – and it can extend as far as lifestyle and food choices. As a fitness instructor, it is vital to walk the talk, your clients will look up to you for continued motivation and inspiration on fitness and health matters. Usually working at fitness and gym centers, you will be required to assist, teach and motivate clients on exercise programs, training equipment, goal setting and physically instructing fitness classes and even fitness marathons! Which means if you want to excel as a fitness instructor, you need to be a high-energy person with a passion for physical training and seeing people reach their fitness goals through sweat and tears. Your responsibilities as a fitness instructor is also safety orientated – some of your clients may have specific health conditions or injuries which may require your constant monitoring and awareness. In terms of schedule, fitness instructors work shifts throughout the day, including some after hour and weekend shifts. The job of a fitness instructor does however have some flexibility; and it is not uncommon for instructors to be working at more than one center or health club at a time.

Responsibilities & Skills

A fitness instructor is very much responsible for his or her own promotion – and it strongly relies on your skills, personality traits and self-improvement attitude. Your day-to-day responsibilities will include consulting, instructing and training clients. Some administration tasks such as client monitoring and record keeping are also required. Depending on the individual health club set-up, performing equipment checks and hygiene inspections may be necessary. Some health centers and gyms may request fitness instructors to partake in marketing, also through public attendance in fitness and sport events. But with sport and fitness as your big passion, this is only fun, right?

• Ability to successfully train and instruct people
• Good communication and people skills
• High energy levels and a passion for the health & fitness industry

Required Qualifications

  • Diploma of Fitness
  • Certificate in Fitness (Level III or IV is recommended)
  • First-Aid Certificate (including CPR)

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