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Human Resources (HR) and recruitment jobs involve many aspects of recruiting for a wide variety of organisations. Working in a HR or recruitment job means that you will be working on developing, coordinating and implementing ways to connect employees and employers. The job involves a great deal of administrative duties yet it is highly satisfying to place prospective employees with the best organisations. HR and recruitment managers can work with international organisations, placing candidates abroad or promoting international organisations locally. HR and recruitment employees require outstanding interpersonal skills; interviewing applicants and liaising between organisations and prospective employees require good communication and negotiating abilities.

Responsibilities & Skills

The overarching responsibility of HR and recruitment employees is to see that job seekers and organisations are matched to the best possible degree based on employee qualification, skills, expertise and organisation needs. To achieve this, the HR and recruitment officer / manager will work closely in recruitment and headhunting, selecting and interviewing employees and employers. Success is achieved if the organisation accepts the applicant and the applicant in turn accepts the organisation's package or offer. The HR and recruitment officer / manager need to remain in close contact with all parties, and remain in communication through written and verbal communication. Skills that benefit this job are the ability to negotiate, be selective, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The industry offers potential for career advancement with an associated change in responsibilities and management duties.

Required Qualifications

  • Tertiary qualification in HR Management (qualification in Business Management is an advantage)
  • Postgraduate certificate in HR Management

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