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The core focus of the IT industry is information technology and the information user. The IT industry applies information technology to manage information while constantly improving and finding new ways to effectively share this information with the users. Although computers (hardware and software) is a main aspect of the IT industry, the industry is increasingly turning to other forms of technology making use of information such as mobiles. At organizational level, an IT industry job may include capturing, storing and safeguarding information, while working as part of a team to develop new applications for the use and processing of information.

Responsibilities & Skills

The responsibilities of an IT job include making use of the latest IT hardware and software in managing and handling information. Your responsibilities may include using database administration and management, your knowledge of computer languages and network sharing to assist the organisation in information management. Working in the IT industry you always need to bear the end user in mind: how will this person apply the information? How can you best offer the information to the end user? IT jobs are technical and the skills required therefore include problem solving, knowledge of hardware and software, programming languages as well as management and teamwork skills.

Required Qualifications

  • Tertiary / university education in IT Management / Business Intelligence / IT Security / Project Management / Computer Science
  • Certifications in computer programming languages / Microsoft Certification

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