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There is practically a law for every aspect of human life: the legal sector covers all of them! Working in the legal sector requires hard work, dedication and a very accurate eye. As a lawyer or other legal professional, you cannot afford to overlook a single piece of detail or law aspect. Continuous professional development is highly recommended for legal jobs. We all have our favourite law office entertainment series, and although the industry does involve impressive law winning cases, the sector also offers many behind-the-scenes jobs, including paralegal and legal assistance jobs.

Responsibilities & Skills

Your first responsibility in the legal sector is firstly to know your practice field law, or if you are employed as a legal assistance, to know your legal role. The responsibilities of legal jobs are well defined and there is usually no uncertainty about your role in the industry. Everything happens according to the law, and therefore these jobs are well suited to the accurate and detail orientated person. Daily responsibilities in the legal sector involve practice administration, clientele communication and liaison, community communication and liaison as well as reporting and associated paperwork. Working in a legal job means that you are usually working as part of a wider legal team and associates.

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Laws / Justice & Society / Legal Practice
  • Honours / Masters of Laws & Legal Practice
  • Practising Certificate (issued by Australian Law jurisdiction)

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