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Stock controllers are responsible for receiving deliveries, processing purchase orders, and recording serial numbers where applicable, reconciling delivery notes with purchase orders and many more tasks that help a company to keep abreast of what they are currently in possession of.

The range of duties will depend on the company, however good numeracy skills are essential for success.

The role could include organising stock on the shelves of a supermarket or factory to running a warehouse facility. Not only are Stock Controllers responsible for managing incoming orders, but also for arranging returns and repairs with suppliers and manufacturers.

The role of a stock controller will include some general administrative duties. When it comes to required experience, this role would be able to be completed by a person who is new to the workforce or re-entering the work force.

Responsibilities & Skills

Stock Controllers must have a keen eye for detail and accuracy and be hugely organised. Usually, a computer system will be used to manage the responsibilities of the Stock Controller.

Generally, no qualifications are required for a position such as this however a secondary education is advisable as strong numeracy skills are required. Employees must be computer literate and have a working knowledge of programs such as Excel.

- Attention to detail.
- Thoroughly adept in computer spreadsheet software.
- Knowledge in mathematics

Required Qualifications

  • Certificate III in Warehousing Operations

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