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Being a farm manager is similar to a lot of farm work, in that you will be expected to have a wide range of skills and knowledge, and to be able to apply them to a variety of different situations. In addition, as a manager, you will be overseeing other employees, perhaps only one or two, perhaps several dozen at harvest time. As well as each job carrying a large number of different responsibilities, managing different farms can be a hugely different enterprise: Large stations can stretch over a million acres and contain tens of thousands of animals, whereas small fruit-growing farms may only take up a field or two and require a very different set of skills.

What all farm manager jobs have in common is a focus on outdoor, practical work. Unlike managerial jobs in an office or factory, you won't be holed up in an office somewhere giving orders via your secretary. You'll be out mucking in with the rest of hands.

Responsibilities & Skills

As a farm manager you'll be responsible for the smooth running of the farm on a day-to-day basis. Obviously this encompasses very different things on different farms, but the basic principles remain the same: You must be familiar with farming operations for the type of farm you're working; you'll be responsible for overseeing the farm hands and making use of their particular skills and aptitudes; and you'll also be reporting to the farms owners and to any relevant government agencies.

  • People management is a necessary skill for any manager: On a farm, knowing your employees' different skills is also a necessity
  • Many farms operate heavy machinery, such as tractors and combine harvesters, you will need some knowledge of the operation and maintenance of these vehicles, even if you're not directly involved in their use
  • A good knowledge of animal husbandry and general care for livestock will be necessary on any farm that rears animals
  • You may need sound financial knowledge if you're responsible for that aspect of the business, too

Many farm managers first spend a couple of years as a jackaroo or jillaroo as a sort of apprenticeship and need no further qualifications. However, some qualifications that may help include:

Required Qualifications

  • Diploma of Agribusiness Management (an Advanced Diploma is also available)
  • Diploma of Agriculture (an Advanced Diploma is also available)

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