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Writers compose pieces of work for multiple purposes including entertainment, education and advertising. You can find writers drafting novels, writing plays, crafting marketing copy, reporting news or compiling textbooks. In most cases a writer will research their subject, put together a draft and submit it to an editor, who may make changes before the final publication of the piece. This occupation requires a high level of creative talent along with a good imagination and a thick skin when it comes to receiving criticism.
Journalism is a traditional writing industry and can involve travelling, researching and interviewing people in order to report on a story. Journalists should have a keen interest in current affairs and excellent people skills. Copywriting is a common role for writers these days and involves writing various types of advertising, marketing or educational copy on behalf of different businesses. This can include the text for advertisements and corporate brochures or even the text you find on a company's website. Authors typically compose works of literature including scripts, poetry, novels and works of nonfiction. Almost all professional writers work to some form of deadline so it can be a fast paced, pressurised environment. Writers can be employed by companies, media outlets or publishers, or they may work as independent consultants or freelancers.

Responsibilities & Skills

Writers can work in a vast array of environments, however quite often they work in offices, libraries or from their home. They often work independently for long periods of time, although sometimes they collaborate with other authors, marketers or editors. After publication they may work with visual or performance artists if they have contributed to an entertainment piece. Writers can be required to participate in some travel, both locally and overseas, for research purposes, to conduct interviews, give readings or to publicise their works.

    Concentration, imagination and dedication

    The ability to write creatively and clearly

    Word processing skills

    The ability to handle criticism

    Time management skills and the ability to work to deadlines

Required Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing)
  • Bachelor of Writing and Publishing
  • Bachelor of Communication (Creative Writing)

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