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A counsellor is a health professional who talk to people about their personal issues they are currently dealing with their life such as death, relationship problems, guidance, career, addiction or sexual abuse and they can work in many environments including schools and universities or large organisation.

Respect and an open attitude is essential for a counsellor. As the relationship builds with the client they establish trust and enables the client to explore many aspects of their life and feelings. They help people see things more clearly or from a different point of view and consider things they may not have considered before.

It is a very satisfying career, helping people overcome their problems provide support and is rewarding being the person someone can come to when they cannot talk to anyone else.

Responsibilities & Skills

Councillors are usually very patient, non-judgemental people who love helping others. Their job is not to give advice but examine parts of their life that they are having difficulty with and guide them to explore their own feelings and help them to make their own choices.

- Caring, honest and have good listening and effective communication skills.
- Excellent problem solving skills, and have an interest is developing people
- Ability to cope with emotional situation
- Can work independently and with a wide range of people.

Required Qualifications

  • Tertiary qualifications in counselling
  • Well-developed written and verbal skills

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