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A tutor is responsible for helping students develop in their academic studies and help improve in a subject they are having difficulty with. Tutors explain and teach things in a way where the student can easily understand and monitor their progress.

Tutors can choose to specialise in a certain topic and can conduct private or group sessions. They can work in a school environment or be hired privately. In their job they are required to communicate with various people such as the student, parents and the student's teachers.

Their aim is to provide support, act as a mentor and help the student improve their performance in their exams and their grades. Tutors are required to motivate the student to want to succeed in their studies and acknowledge when the student is performing and show praise.

Having a tutor job is very rewarding and fulfilling as you are helping students excel in their studies making the student and parents very happy and help the student gain confidence and self-esteem.

Responsibilities & Skills

Tutors need to have a positive attitude and provide positive feedback to the student so they don't give up and strive towards success. They show students how to study effectively and show them different techniques.

-Ability to adjust to the students' needs
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills
-Good knowledge of the subjects

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