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Two main specialisations relevant to an electrician's job is construction or maintenance electrician work. A maintenance electrician's main job responsibility is to oversee the electrical wiring, whether it is the electrical wiring of buildings, infrastructure, electrical equipment or telecommunication equipment. With basic electrical training, the electrician can choose to specialise, focusing on one specific type of electrical wiring or equipment. The electrician's work field is thus very wide, and added to this, electricians are in popular demand – after all – most of modern's society's functioning depends on electricity. Safety is key to an electrician's work and a high level of safety awareness is critical. Although the electrician trade depends on certain skills, set equipment use and knowledge, electricians can benefit from continued professional training to ensure that a variety of electrical jobs can be successfully completed. An electrician can be contracted either by a private sector company or a government department working on government infrastructure; the option of self-employment is also popular amongst electricians.

Responsibilities & Skills

On a daily basis, an electrician will get called out to work on electrical wiring on relevant premises. This means the electrician will take all the necessary tools and equipment along to finish the electrical job at the desired location. The electrician may be required to install, maintain or repair electric wiring. An important aspect of an electrician's job is to ensure that the electrical wiring is in accordance with safety codes and bylaws. Upon completion of the electrical wiring job, testing of the device or equipment is critical to ensure that the wiring job was successfully done. An electrician requires skills to operate a variety of hand and power tools, depending on the job type.

- Ability to follow and work according to technical information.
- Electrical knowledge for t wiring, fixing or installing of electrical equipment.
- Ability to perform sometimes physically demanding tasks.

Required Qualifications

  • Certificate III in Engineering (Electrical)
  • Electrician's Licence (Electrician's Assessment)
  • Electrician Apprenticeship (recommended, but not a requirement)

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