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Disappointingly, this article isn't in any way about swordfighting. Sorry. Anyone who was hoping they could get a job as Inigo Montoya will have to look for the page on 'Revenge'. Fencing jobs – and, to be clear, we're talking about 'jobs where you put up fences', here – are slightly less glamorous but much more common than anything that happens in The Princess Bride.

Putting up fences, as long as they're not electric – see under 'Qualifications', below), is one of the few things for which you cannot get a specific qualification in Australia. As such, while it certainly requires a certain amount of raw skill and ability, it's at most semi-skilled and arguably unskilled labour, and therefore doesn't pay a huge amount of money. However, it's pretty regular work, especially in rural areas where having adequate fencing can mean the difference between all your livestock running away and… Well, all your livestock not running away.

Responsibilities & Skills

Fencers will, of course, mainly be responsible for putting up, repairing and maintaining fences. Generally, fencers have other qualifications alongside the ability to put up fences, so you may well find yourself hired to do other handyman-style tasks. You will be expected to know what kind of fencing is appropriate for different circumstances, so as to meet the customers' needs. You should also have generally good spatial awareness and know how much of a given material you will need for each job, in order to make accurate estimates for your customers and ensure you turn up for work with the right equipment.

  • You will need to be good with your hands and able to adapt to all kinds of practical work

  • You will need to know about various kinds of fences and how to build them safely

  • You must be happy working outdoors in all weather conditions

  • You will often be working with at least one other person, so you need to have decent interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills

  • You will probably need to be willing to develop other skills, too, to keep the work flowing in

  • Required Qualifications

    • AHCINF302A – Plan and construct an electric fence (unit of competency available as part of several training packages and qualifications
    • Certificate I in Construction will enable you to get a contractors' licence and work as a self-employed fencer or other general contractor work

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