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Fullstack Developer / Software Engineer

Salary: $110,000 - 160,000 per year
Location: Chippendale
Company: Monita
Hours: Full time
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Monita is a young and exciting platform that is transforming the digital landscape with the ability to track and detect data problems in real-time . It's built from the ground up on top of an open-source stack. Our customers love the platform, and can't wait for us to offer them more!

We have big plans for new integrations, user interfaces and in-app visualisation, and as a Fullstack Software Developer, you will be able to bring to life this vision with your genius dev skills

You will have a hand in implementing new features (backend API), as well as maintaining the existing codebase of our web application. You will primarily be writing in TypeScript & Python for the backend, and for the frontend, you will be working with React and Material UI. You will also be hands-on with our cloud infrastructure and CI/CD pipeline.

We are a dev house with a flat structure so you'll be working with the product owner, and the sales team. We organise work via Jira, user-stories and wire-frames, and take personal ownership of every aspect of the system.

If you are a self-made dev, we would love for you to join our team of self-made devs!


You have passion and initiative, not waiting around to be told what to do, but are excited to tackle the next thing!

You have attention to detail and continually strive to improve yourself, your coding practices and your work.

You have worked as a software developer (min 3 years), and have senior experience. Senior experience means:

  • You have taken functional requirements/wireframes and designed the backend component, wrote the code and the tests for it. You managed uncertainty, and were able to get clarification on the requirements when possible and made successful implementation decisions.
  • You have had your code reviewed and reviewed other people's code/pull requests. Your code was deployed to production.
  • You were able to search documentation, Google, SO in order to implement new databases, integrations, libraries.
  • You not only understand the principles of OOP, but have implemented OOP architecture, such as MVC, or MVVC.
  • You were able to learn new programming languages, libraries and 3rd party integrations.
  • You were able to learn multiple front-end Javascript frameworks and components.
  • You not only understand modern front-end concepts like DOM, components and states, but have built pages utilising these concepts.
  • You lived the agile development lifecycle week by week, and are familiar with sprints, backlog-refinement meetings, stand-ups etc.

You have the following coding experience:

  • Writing in backend languages (preferably, but not limited to Typescript and Python).
  • Designing and implementing application access (CRUD/ORM) to SQL and No-SQL databases.
  • Implement REST APIs and/or web frameworks.
  • Implemented 3rd party integrations.
  • Understanding of JavaScript and its best practices/optimisation.
  • Knowledge of CSS rule hierarchy and properties, layout system (grid, flow...etc) as well as a passing knowledge of CSS pre-processors such as Less or Sass.
  • Knowledge of HTML structure, tags and events.
  • Building components with React.
  • Working with state management and routing.
  • Utilising XHR and WebSockets to call backend server APIs.
  • Working with bundlers to generate production-grade, minified, uglified HTML, Javascript and CSS files.
  • Familiar with basic Linux commands commonly used.
  • Familiar with Git Repository commit/branch/merge paradigm.
  • Used build tools such as Ant, Gradle, Maven, Gulp.
  • Used package managers such as NPM, NuGet, Pip.
  • Containerisation experience is a bonus!
  • Authentication/Authorisation/Security coding experience is a bonus!
  • Visualisation (OLAP) experience is a bonus!
  • Realtime data processing is a bonus!
  • Working with Material UI is a bonus!


Freedom We believe that employees are best served when they have the freedom to do their the jobs the way they see fit, and while they are supported by good practices. We will embrace your innovation, and will nurture you to grow in your role. We've previously offered paid training to our employees, and get excited when we see them try out new ways to better fulfill their roles.

Timing Ever heard the legends about the big tech companies when they were in the early stages, and how their first employees went on to become rich and successful in their own right! This is your chance to become employee number #5 and not employee #500.

Worth You will be financially rewarded with a market-competitive salary and other incentives tied to the growth of the company.

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